About the Graton Resort Casino Hotel

graton resort casino hotel

About the Graton Resort Casino Hotel

Graton Resort Casino Hotel is one of the five sports casinos located in the Philippines. As per the owner, this casino is a genuine gambling destination. There are two divisions of the casino hotel: Full Service Casino and Casinos All Inclusive.

The Full Service Casino offers regular operations with table games, poker and blackjack. A great venue for a daytime business meeting, this facility also serves lunch and dinner. They serve the best food and offer drinks to the patrons. There is a dining room that is open until midnight and a restroom facility that are open till 2am.

However, the Full Service Casino only offers room and drinks for lunch and dinner. The bar service is available but not unlimited. For example, they do not serve alcohol. You can still have beverages at this hotel. But if you want to spend the night in a bed and breakfast, this hotel cannot accommodate you.

The Casinos All Inclusive facility at the Graton Resort Casino Hotel allows its guests to stay for free during the entire time they are there. However, after the first three nights, you will be charged an entry fee. It will start with a 20% gratuity on the total bill. After that, the price would be similar to a standard room rate.

The gratuity is included in the cost. This facility was specially designed for its guests. Because of its location near the beach, the gratuity will not be less if it has an excess of funds. This hotel is a great place to go for a long weekend and relax after a hard day’s work.

This casino boasts of its clean and safe environment. The casino floor is neat and tidy. The staff is efficient and friendly. There is a spacious lobby, well-equipped rooms and a bar for refreshments. The casino is quite wide, and therefore it is easy to move from one room to another in the casino.

When you are playing the slots, you can call the casino for help. If you are having problems with the machines, you can tell the attendant to set you up with another machine. It is important that you buy the machine cards that are in your possession. The staff members are polite and helpful.

It is an advantage to have a Graton Resort Casino Hotel in your area. This establishment offers everything that a casino has to offer and more. It is the place to enjoy a time of relaxation and enjoy your favorite casino games with friends and family.