Graton Casino Hotel – It’s All About Casino Rooms

Graton Casino Hotel is the second best casino in the region of Alicante and the casino in Gran Canaria and it is one of the many reasons why it is the best casino in the whole Mediterranean region. Graton is also one of the reasons why it is being referred to as the most “modern” casino in the whole world.

Graton has been on the market for some time and the competition between the casinos is fierce and that has made some changes. They have all begun opening up new shops around the entire town, which gives them the opportunity to advertise and draw the attention of a lot of tourists. The new shops provide the players with more options than they would have before and some even offer the option of bringing their own bags.

On the whole, Graton offers a lot more than just casino rooms. The hotel is a resort and has a wide range of other facilities. Not only is it a casino hotel but there are golf courses, swimming pools, spas, a cinema, shopping malls, restaurants and much more.

Most of the budget hotels and resort hotels in Gran Canaria and Alicante charge huge sums for their rooms and this is the same case with the casino hotel too. All the rooms at Graton are set within an enormous central lobby area, which provides the guests with plenty of space. The casino lobby is large enough to offer an entertainment area with lots of table games and you can find a bar with a number of TV’s and gaming tables in the back room.

The rooms at Graton are an absolute treat for the young and old alike. The rooms are spacious and have a modern look to them and there is always a good selection of music playing in the background. The rooms have bathrooms and have a nice carpet and rug on the floor, all the rooms have their own air conditioning system and there is the option of having a shower, in case you do not like to bathe.

The casino hotel also has its own medical team, which provides you with everything you need. All the guests of the hotel have their own attached office and a lounge, where they can relax and talk to the staff. The reception of the hotel is very efficient and the casino has its own coach waiting to take you to the other locations of the resort.

Some of the resorts in the South of Spain have grander palaces and these are none too much different from the casino rooms at Graton. The casino rooms at the Gran Canaria resort are the equivalent of the casino rooms at the Graton casino hotel and they are all the same.