Graton Resort and Casino Santa Rosa California – Three Distinctive Places to Visit

For those who were not fortunate enough to go on holiday while the two Star Wars movies were in theatres or for those who were too busy to care, there is a chance at least one visit to Santa Rosa on their bucket list of places to visit in the World. The beautiful golfing locations are second to none, and the sights from the shore are breathtaking. Also, there are some amazing beach restaurants dotting the shoreline. There is always something to do in the area, whether it’s hiking or swimming, or even enjoying the many indoor attractions such as the WildWaterspace exhibit. A trip to Santa Rosa on your holiday to the world can be a memorable experience.

graton resort and casino santa rosa

Graton Resort and Casino – This hotel is located just north of Los Angeles in the city of Santa Rosa. This is the largest resort of its kind south of the continental United States. A visitor to the resort will be greeted by cheerful front desk workers who will take great care to make the guest feel at home. While there, they will also offer gambling options, as well as fine dining and many shops that are only a short drive away. Those looking for some action should head to the slots, video poker, or craps machines located in the main casino floor.

Santa Rosa has a mild climate with hot summers and cold winters. Rainfall is moderate, with an average of six days of sunshine. It is a popular destination for families due to its availability of daycare centers. In addition, it is home to the California State University at the Santa Rosa campus. This is a school that offers degrees in almost every major available. As well, there are over fifty other colleges and schools to choose from, which makes it a wonderful choice for family fun.

Graton Resort and Casino Santa Rosa also offer visitors a choice of staying onsite. These hotels are part of the Graton Resorts chain and are located all throughout the resort. They range from being very basic, with two to three bedroom suites, to deluxe accommodations that have five bedrooms and two to four hundred thousand square feet of space. Each one of these hotels caters to a specific type of customer. For example, there are large single store locations, family entertainment areas, and full service restaurants.

One of the main attractions at the resort is the Santa Rosa casino. This is a refurbished casino that serves a variety of games. In addition to the usual slot machines and card games, guests can try their luck at the craps table. It is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Those who want a little extra activity can visit the Amusement Park. This area not only offers a variety of amusement rides, but also has several picnic tables and arcades. There is also the undo Theater, which offers live entertainment. The Graton Resort and Casino Santa Rosa also have an outdoor pool which will definitely make any vacation more enjoyable.

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