Graton Resort Casino Hotel in Monroe, Michigan

The Graton Resort Casino Hotel is a perfect choice if you are looking to gamble some of your hard-earned money. This casino hotel is located just nine miles from the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. You will not need to take a taxi to get to the casino because it is conveniently located right next to the Bellagio. The entrance is not too close but far enough away that you will not feel far from the action. There are five hundred rooms available at this casino hotel and it has all of the amenities that you will need for gambling and other entertainment needs.

The gaming area is large and has over two hundred slots and more than one hundred table games. The gaming is very good and each day has forty-five tables with about two hundred players. The casino has many shows that are entertaining and feature top entertainers such as Steve Ross, Artie Shaw, and Donny Hathaway. There is no shortage of food either, since there is an extensive buffet spread that features Mexican, Italian, and Greek foods.

The hotel is very clean with well appointed rooms. The room service is excellent and guests never have to wait for anything when they wake up. When guests do need to use the bathroom there is usually an elevator that goes up to each floor. There are over seven hundred guestrooms throughout the entire building. The guests can choose from one of the many suites that are available and each one offers its own luxurious experience.

This casino offers a variety of different types of gambling events for all of its guests to enjoy. There are lots of table games including blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and more. There are also video games including poker, air hockey, keno, slot machines, and other forms of excitement that most people will find exciting. There is even a stripper club for the women on the premises. There is live entertainment on occasion but mostly the focus of the events is on the table games and gaming. There is live music most nights as well.

Guests who are interested in bowling can find some nice lanes where they can practice their game on. They have nine lanes that feature all types of alleys and one lane that feature a basketball court. Graton has an indoor and outdoor putting and striking area for their bowlers to practice their strokes on.

There are plenty of other things for the guests of the Graton Resort to do. There is an indoor ski slope that has four individual runs as well as a triple jump to complete their day. There is a water park that is twenty-one acres large that offers snowboarding, tubing, and much more.

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