Review of the Graton Resort Casino Hotel in Las Vegas

The Graton Resort Casino Hotel is a unique addition to the present world of Las Vegas. This hotel is not your run-of-the-mill casino. The hotel and its games have earned the admiration and respect of the gambling community. “What is Graton Resort Casino Hotel, and how did they set it up? “, you may be thinking.

graton resort casino hotel

The Graton Resort Casino Hotel is located in Las Vegas’ Red Rock Canyon area. The location of this five-star facility is one of the most desirable and convenient locations to play in all of Las Vegas. It is just five miles from the heart of the city and only a short drive to the best nightlife in town. This is an excellent value in today’s economy.

The hotel is conveniently located between The Bellagio and The Paris Las Vegas Hotel. This location makes it a convenient getaway for those visiting The Biggest Names in Las Vegas. This luxurious hotel and its operations are supported by several famous dealerships such as Steve Aoki and Jim Cramer. It offers guests many types of promotions and they are able to save money through their various offers. Many of these savings can be seen on taxes and gratuities when they make their hotel reservations.

Guests will notice that the Graton Resort Casino Hotel features many of the same attractions and gaming machines that you will find in any of the other casinos in Las Vegas. This includes the world’s largest video slot machine. There are also many live slots with additional prizes in the slots. With over thirty thousand machines in all, there is plenty of action for all of the guests that enter.

The casino offers guests the option of playing in two different areas. The main casino is divided into two different parts by a bridge on the east side of town. This bridge allows players to wager and fish simultaneously. The second part of the resort has a smaller casino that is more family oriented. The Graton Resort Casino Hotel is located just minutes from the famous Vegas Strip.

One of the most popular attractions at the casino is the Grand Canal. It is a nine hundred and fifty feet wide waterway that runs along the north east side of town. Here, you can visit the world’s largest Ferris wheel, as well as several water slides. The Grand Canal is only twenty-five minutes from the Venetian Resort. All of these exciting activities make the Grand Canal one of the most popular tourist attractions in Las Vegas.

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